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Wirex Pay: Seamless Non-Custodial Cards Tailored for Web3 and Beyond

Wirex Pay is revolutionizing the way digital payments are made by offering a state-of-the-art, non-custodial payment layer designed to cater to a diverse range of users. Whether you're a Web3 enthusiast, a non-custodial wallet provider, a business managing expenses, a community leader, or a developer, Wirex Pay offers seamless, efficient solutions to meet your needs. Below, we explore the categories of Wirex Pay users and describe their unique use cases. 

Web3 Users

For Web3 users who value control over their digital assets, Wirex Pay is a perfect fit. It allows you to use non-custodial wallets to spend digital assets like USDT or any stablecoin at millions of merchants worldwide, seamlessly integrating crypto into everyday spending. 


  • No Counterparty Risk: Maintain full custody of your funds without relying on intermediaries. 

  • Convenience: Use your crypto assets anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted. 

  • Universal Wallet Compatibility: Connect any non-custodial wallet for instant access. 

  • Smooth Onboarding: Experience easy setup with our user-friendly interface. 

Use Case: Spend your USDT effortlessly at your favorite local store just like you would with a traditional card, all while retaining full control over your funds. 

Non-Custodial Wallet Providers 

Wirex Pay empowers non-custodial wallet providers to issue their own branded payment cards, enhancing their service offerings and deepening customer engagement. 


  • Co-Branded Cards: Design cards that feature your wallet’s branding and style. 

  • Effortless Integration: Avoid lengthy onboarding processes and monthly fees. 

  • Value Addition: Offer additional services to your existing user base. 

  • New Revenue Streams: Monetize through card services. 

Use Case: A non-custodial wallet provider can issue Wirex Pay cards that reflect its branding, allowing users to make purchases globally while promoting their wallet’s identity. 

Payroll and Expense Management 

Wirex Pay simplifies payroll and expense management for companies, providing a fast, cost-effective solution to distribute funds. 


  • Seamless Integration: Integrate Wirex Pay into your current financial systems. 

  • Instant Payments: Distribute salaries or manage expenses quickly and efficiently. 

  • Cost Savings: Enjoy lower fees and faster processing times compared to traditional providers. 

Use Case: A company can streamline its payroll process by paying employees in crypto through Wirex Pay, ensuring quick and economical distribution of salaries. 

Web3 Communities 

Wirex Pay offers Web3 communities the ability to issue co-branded cards, enhancing their brand identity and supporting their native tokens. 


  • Custom Branding: Create cards with your community’s logo and design. 

  • Member Value: Provide your community with versatile, branded payment tools. 

  • Token Support: Facilitate the use of community tokens in real-world transactions. 

Use Case: A DeFi community can offer members Wirex Pay cards featuring their logo and supporting their native token, allowing members to use the token at millions of merchants. 

Web3 Builders 

For developers and innovators, Wirex Pay serves as a versatile Web3-native payment layer that can be seamlessly integrated into various dApps and financial solutions. 

Ideas for Builders: 

  • Crypto-Backed Credit Cards: Use crypto as collateral to turn Wirex Pay cards into credit cards that pay interest from collateral earnings. 

  • Expense Management Integration: Incorporate Wirex Pay into MPC (Multi-Party Computation) platform or smart wallets for efficient payroll or expense payments. 

  • Streaming Payments: Enable real-time streaming payments directly to Wirex Pay cards, offering new financial services models. 

Use Case: A developer could use Wirex Pay to create a smart wallet that facilitates streaming payments or provides instant crypto-backed credit lines for users. 


Wirex Pay is at the forefront of digital payment solutions, offering unique benefits for a wide array of users. Whether you’re leveraging the platform for personal use, business, community building, or innovation, Wirex Pay provides the tools and flexibility to integrate seamlessly into your financial activities and digital ecosystem. 

For more information, visit Wirex Pay.


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