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Unveiling WPAY Tokenomics: Earning Potential and Community-Driven Growth 

Updated: Jul 11

Wirex Pay DAO 

Wirex Pay will be governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) established after the Token Generation Event (TGE). Unlike traditional organizations, a DAO operates without a central authority, distributing power among token holders who collectively cast votes. All voting and activities conducted through the DAO are recorded on a blockchain, ensuring transparency and making all user actions publicly viewable. The Wirex Pay DAO empowers token holders to raise and vote on proposals, ensuring the network remains community-controlled and evolves to benefit its users. 

Token holders can stake their tokens to increase their rewards and voting power, both dependent on the staking duration. The community will also manage the treasury and handle various operational activities. 

Wirex Pay Tokenomics 

  • Token Ticker: WPAY 

  • Token Type: ERC-20 

  • Total Supply (Fixed): 10,000,000,000 

The allocation of WPAY tokens is designed to ensure community participation and network decentralization. Here are the details: 


Allocation Participants: 

  • Series A: Private token investors. 

  • Team: Founding members and employees. 

  • Early Adopters: Initial users who promote Wirex Pay, rewarded with airdrops. 

  • esWPAY Rewards: Rewards for stakers. 

  • Liquidity: Tokens allocated for exchange listings and market-making activities. 

  • Treasury: Tokens allocated to the Wirex Pay DAO for maintaining and developing the network. 

  • Node Rewards: Tokens distributed to node owners. 

Each participant category will have specific cliff/lock-up and vesting periods (months) as outlined below: 



Quantity of Tokens 

% on TGE 

Quantity on TGE 


Vesting (months) 

Node Sale 



Series A 










Early Adopters 





esWPAY Rewards 


















Node Rewards 












Node Operator Rewards 

Node operators are essential to the Wirex Pay network. They are eligible to receive 20% of the total WPAY token supply plus up to 40% of Wirex Pay revenue share. Additionally, node operators will be the first to receive WPAY tokens, ensuring they play a crucial role in the early stages of the network. This strategy aims to drive community participation and increase the decentralization of the network. 

By participating in the Wirex Pay DAO, token holders will not only help shape the future of the network but also gain access to various rewards and benefits, ensuring a truly decentralized and community-driven payment network. Possessing a node license is the sole method to acquire WPAY prior to the TGE. 

Mainnet Launch and Timeline 

As we approach the mainnet launch, here are the key timelines for Wirex Pay-related activities: 

Wirex Node Sale 

  • Whitelist Phase: The whitelist phase has started a couple of weeks ago. This phase provides an opportunity for users to participate and get a node at a better Tier price. 

  • Whitelist Sale: The whitelist sale will start once the mainnet is launched and NFT licenses are ready for issuance. Advanced notice will be provided for the sale. 

  • Public Sale: Open for all, this phase will allow anyone to purchase nodes. 

Wirex Pay Mainnet and dApp Launch 

  • Mainnet Launch and Early Access: Planned for mid-July, more information will be provided as we approach this date. 

  • Public Availability: After early testing is completed, the Wirex Pay decentralized application will be available to the public and integration partners, expected by the end of July. 

$WPAY TGE and Node Rewards 

  • Node Operator Rewards: Node operators will start earning rewards as soon as they stake their NFT license or run the node themselves. They will be the first segment of users to receive WPAY tokens. 

  • $WPAY Listings: WPAY will be listed on tier-1 exchanges. The final list of these exchanges is currently being finalized, with conversations already in progress. 

These timelines and activities ensure that Wirex Pay is on track to deliver a robust, decentralized payment network that empowers its community and supports its users effectively. 

Difference Between WXT and WPAY 

Wirex's ecosystem includes two distinct tokens: WXT and WPAY, each serving unique purposes within the Wirex platform and Wirex Pay network. 

WXT (Wirex Ecosystem Token) 

  • Purpose: Utility token for the broader Wirex ecosystem. 

  • Uses: Used for fee discounts, earning rewards, and accessing premium features within the Wirex app. 

  • Scope: Enhances user experience within Wirex’s financial services, offering benefits like Cryptoback™ rewards and lower exchange fees. 


WPAY (Wirex Pay Governance Token) 

  • Purpose: Governance token for the Wirex Pay decentralized payment network. 

  • Uses: Empowers holders to participate in the Wirex Pay DAO, staking for rewards, and operating nodes. WPAY is central to the network’s governance and operational functionality. 

  • Scope: Focused on driving the decentralized operations of Wirex Pay, facilitating transactions, and ensuring community control over network developments. 

By clearly distinguishing these roles, Wirex ensures that both tokens effectively contribute to their respective ecosystems, enhancing user engagement and network functionality. 


WXT (Wirex Ecosystem Token) 

WPAY (Wirex Pay Governance Token) 


Utility token for the Wirex ecosystem 

Governance token for the Wirex Pay network 


Fee discounts, earning rewards, accessing premium features 

Participation in DAO, staking for rewards, operating nodes 


Enhances user experience within Wirex’s financial services 

Drives decentralized operations and community governance 


Practical benefits like discounts and rewards 

Governance rights, staking rewards, transaction facilitation 

Target Ecosystem 

Broader Wirex financial services 

Decentralized Wirex Pay network 


While Wirex and Wirex Pay operate within distinct ecosystems, there are significant cross-promotional benefits for users of both. Wirex users can leverage WXT for practical benefits within the Wirex app, such as fee discounts and rewards, enhancing their overall financial experience. Concurrently, these users can participate in the decentralized governance and operations of Wirex Pay by utilizing WPAY tokens, allowing them to influence network decisions and earn staking rewards. This synergy creates a comprehensive, interconnected ecosystem, offering enhanced value and utility across both platforms. 

Relationship Between Wirex and Wirex Pay 

The diagram illustrates the synergistic relationship between Wirex and Wirex Pay, highlighting their integrated yet distinct functionalities. Wirex focuses on traditional financial services, providing card issuing, card processing, KYC (Know Your Customer), KYT (Know Your Transaction), TM (Transaction Monitoring), and Visa/MasterCard settlement services. These foundational elements enable the Wirex Pay product to function seamlessly. 

On the other hand, Wirex Pay, governed by the Wirex Pay DAO, leverages blockchain technology with features like ZK Validium, smart contracts/AA (Account Abstraction), on-chain settlement, processing, tokenization, and lending. The bridge and UI components ensure smooth interoperability between traditional financial systems and decentralized applications. This integration allows Wirex Pay to offer a comprehensive, innovative payment solution, combining the stability of established financial processes with the flexibility and security of blockchain technology. 



The WPAY tokenomics present a compelling opportunity for investors and participants in the Wirex Pay ecosystem. Here are the key points to remember: 

  • Fixed Supply: 10 billion tokens. 

  • Significant Rewards: Up to 20% of total supply and 40% of revenue share for node operators. 

  • First-Mover Advantage: Early access to $WPAY tokens for node operators. 

  • Diverse Allocation: Benefits across various participant categories. 

  • DAO Governance: Community-driven network management and decision-making. 

With its robust structure and incentivized participation, $WPAY is positioned as a valuable asset in the decentralized payment network space. Join us and be part of this revolutionary journey by participating in the node presale. Secure your spot and contribute to shaping the future of global payments. 



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