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Your Guide to Purchasing, Whitelisting, and Operating Nodes

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Wirex Pay Node Sale FAQ

  • The process will consist of 3 stages: 

    1. Whitelist application: users can register for whitelist to get priority access to Node Sale, by visiting

    2. Whitelist Sale: only whitelisted users can participate in the sale. There is a cap on each tier, and nodes are sold on first come, first served basis. 

    3. Public Sale: the sale is open to all users. 

    The exact dates will be confirmed later. 

  • For Everyone 

    Sign Up for the Waitlist: Just visit and register to join our waitlist. This alone makes you eligible to participate in the raffle for a chance to win a whitelist spot. Invite friends and climb the leaderboard to win a tier 1 to tier 8. 

    For Influencers and Community Leaders (KOLs)

    You can get a whitelist spot directly by filling out our KOL form if you have a big following or network. This is for influencers and community leaders only. You can get bigger rewards as you help us grow our community. 

    For WXT Holders

    Wirex users base and number of WXT holders has grown significantly over past years and at the moment Wirex has more than 6 million users. We value WXT holders continuous contributions and we are providing T1 to T8 Whitelist Allocations for WXT holders based on their locked WTX amount. 

    Each user can only get one whitelist spot for buying one node during this event. If you qualify for multiple tiers, you will receive the highest tier whitelist. For instance, if you qualify for both tier 1 and tier 3, you will only receive the tier 1 whitelist.

    Please note, being whitelisted does not guarantee a node purchase. It’s first come, first served. 

  • Wirex Pay dedicates 20% of Wirex Pay token supply to node operators. 

  •  There will be 100,000 nodes in total. 

  • A whitelist is a pre-approved list of participants who are given exclusive access to certain privileges during a sale event. This system is used to reward and incentivize key contributors, partners, or early supporters of a project. 

  • Please note, being whitelisted does not guarantee a node purchase. It is operated in first come, first served basis. 

    • Continuous node incentives 

    • Node owners can get airdrops 

    • Node holders can participate in the network governance and decision making processes

    • A Node License NFT confirms ownership

    • NFTs can be exchanged or sold or transferred on other markets

    • NFT ownership makes the network fair, letting people own, run, and earn from nodes

  • Your Node License will be an NFT (ERC-721) that you will get. Wirex Pay team will create and send the NFTs 3 weeks after the public sale.

  • Once a node license is bought, the user's purchase wallet will receive the node license as an NFT. Then, only the wallet that has the node license can run the node and get rewards. 

  • Users have three options for running nodes: doing it by themselves, using our infrastructure partner Gateway, or delegating Node License. Any of these options are easy to follow and we will provide a step-by-step guide for them. 

  • Yes. There is a way to prevent dishonest users from creating multiple accounts to join the event. If an account that is invited is found to be a bot or another fake user account, that user will suffer serious penalties.

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